Other clinical interests of mine

Tic Disorders

Tic disorders are characterized by the presence of motor tics (e.g., blinking, head movements, shoulder or arm movements) or vocal tics (e.g., sniffing, throat clearing, grunting) or both. Sometimes tics occur in isolation and sometimes they co-occur or occur in a sequence and are considered “complex tics.” Tourette’s disorder is a type of tic disorder in which both vocal and motor tics are present.


Misophonia is an increasingly recognized condition in which particular sounds (often sounds related to other people eating or drinking) elicit tremendous discomfort, distress, anger, or rage.

Treatment of physicians or other medical professionals

I have conducted innovative interventions for physicians experiencing impairment in their professional sphere, especially with regard to unsatisfactory EHR charting or inefficient patient visits that may stem from OCD, ADHD, procrastination, or other difficulties.

Treatment of business executives and entrepreneurial leaders

Those who manage large businesses and individuals spearheading novel business ventures face unique and occasionally daunting challenges. These endeavors frequently exacerbate or are complicated by anxiety-related problems, which may ultimately lead to depression or substance use. I have substantial experience fitting well and working successfully with high-profile private and public-sector business leaders. Often addressing anxiety and related problems in the context of competing demands on one’s time and energy require nimble and confident treatment planning and execution. Contact me for further information.

Sleep-related problems

May include insomnia, recurrent nightmares, or simply unhealthy sleep habits

Anxiety related depressive symptoms

Often anxiety results in diminished activity and enjoyment in life and this may lead to the development of a depressive disorder. Anxiety that leads one to feel cornered, helpless, and hopeless to improve their situation may also contribute to depression.

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